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Partnership QServe Group and Crefact consultants

Partnership Qserve Group and Crefact consultants

The partnership provides clients of Qserve Group and Crefact consultants a one-stop-shop for regulatory compliance and reimbursement issues within Europe.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Qserve® Group, a global Medical Device Consultancy Group in Europe, US, Asia, and Latin America, and Crefact consultants, a European reimbursement consultancy expert, announced their partnership.

As reimbursement processes have not been harmonized across Europe, the development of European reimbursement strategies for medical devices should be addressed in the development phase prior to CE registration; it is an important facet of the clinical strategy. This requires insight in country-specific parameters. Reimbursement systems, which seem to be equivalent, may turn out to be completely different most of the time. Knowing how to interpret the rules, codes and procedures for both the development of the medical devices and the reimbursement of these devices is critical when entering a new market. A reimbursement scan can provide manufacturers of medical technologies the necessary information for choosing the right market(s). “With our extensive reimbursement network throughout Europe we can provide our customers with the right reimbursement expertise and skills for the development of business cases and the writing of application dossiers for reimbursement.” said Lea Koelemeijer, partner of Crefact consultants. Willibrord Driessen, Qserve’s CEO & Founder confirms the synergistic value for their clients: “our customers can benefit from our cooperation. Not only can we provide them with support in the Medical Device global regulatory processes and Clinical compliance  issues, but together with Crefact, we can provide the complete chain needed for market access in Europe: from development through registration up to and including reimbursement.”

About Crefact consultants:

Crefact consultants are in contact with an extensive network of reimbursement consultants throughout Europe. We support companies during market access procedures and the introduction of healthcare services and concepts on the European market.  Crefact is based in the Netherlands. Here we focus on strategy development, reimbursement trajectories, and implementation and project management within the Dutch healthcare sector. Among the customers are companies in the field of medical technology, healthcare providers and governmental organisations. For more information: www.crefact.com.

About Qserve Group

Qserve is a leading independent medical device regulatory consulting firm with a successful track record in the Medical Device Industry, with global market Access, RA/QA services, as well as clinical support.  Qserve provides market access through its offices in Europe (HQ in Amsterdam), Americas (USA: Boston, Washington, New Jersey and New Hampshire), Brazil and Asia (China). Qserve has in-house expertise in the areas of Life Sciences, (high risk and borderline) Medical Devices, Biomaterials, Drug Release and Biotechnology. For more information: www.qservegroup.com


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